Our Journey Celebrates
of service within the Graphic Print Industry.

We have offered solutions to expand business by quickly creating good will which is recognized at a quality price by the Advertiser and as a quality service by the Consumer.

1871 -Fourteen year old C.B. Goes I, founder arrives in Chicago from Vincennes, IN obtains job with Chicago Herald as typographer. Saves ledgers and manuscript copy books with other employees by loading up horse drawn delivery wagons and escaping the Chicago fire, continues work in print discovers lithographic process and wants to learn the trade.

1876 -Completes litho apprenticeship in Milwaukee, WI printing labels and returns to Chicago for duration of his career.

1879 – Goes & Quensel a partnership is organized. Charles B. Goes became the founding President. Leases space and access to power generated by steam line shafts from Rand McNally as an independent captive job shop as many other firms do. Rand operates as a broker for printers with salesmen on street and throughout the country.

1881 – Lithographer to the trade, images with logo shipped throughout the county for letterheads, envelopes, invoices and checks; Providing quality and service, which laid the foundation for the Trade’s acceptance of the Stock Lines created through the ensuing years. Rented space in printing district on Monroe St. and Adams St. Printed posters in 9 colors for national accounts through Rand & McNally brokerage arrangement through 1904.

1884 -The first Stock Certificate Blanks were published. This becomes the foundation for all of the present Goes Stock Lines sold to printers, stationers and office suppliers. Advertises in what is now American Printer magazine – Oldest advertiser still printing and family operated.

1885 -Generic full color labels offered as a stock line through catalog, customers could order their black imprint placed on label.

1887Calendar Pads offered in 6 sizes in 2 colors for sale to printers. Fire insurance companies were primary users.

1888 – Prints 9 color lithograph commemorating St. Paul Ice Palace at 1888 fair. Sculptures continue as a local event into the 21st century. Prints song sheets “Song of Great 1888 Blizzard” by WM Vincent.

1890 -The company name is changed to Goes Lithographing Company and incorporated in October. Hand and steam operated presses common place.

1891 -US Government awards Goes contract to lithograph 1000 weather maps daily and deliver to fair by 10 am for duration of fair via elevated trains from loop in Chicago. Goes prints 1893 World Fair Poster commemorating Chicago Day 10/09/93 as Anniversary of the Great Fire of 1871.

1893 -Prints Buffalo Bills Wild West Historical sketches and Programme.

1897Calendar Pads and lithographed Art Prints produced; expanding the markets sold by Goes to include wall decor, advertising. Tennessee State Centennial Exposition held at Nashville to promote industry. Goes wins print award through Rand to print 8 color 20X30 commemorative poster depicting specific contributions of southern negro artisans. Three posters are known, one displayed in Smithsonian and two others in public institutions by 1997. Goes imprint very prominent CBG IV supplies information concerning manufacture to interested parties – public and private.

1900Magician Posters printed for Maro the Great and others through 1925. Many vaudeville theatrical posters printed for traveling shows. Served 12 Chicago theaters for playbills some which still offer shows in the 21st century.

1901– President McKinley assassinated, CB Goes II was 10 years old at his fathers shop in Chicago Loop. He said mood & concern was identical to JFK assassinated in 1963. Businesses closed. Trains were full to get home.

1902-04Built and occupied our own plant at 42 West 61st Street, Chicago, the location of the main office and production facilities for over 100 years – over 60,000 square feet. This move was made just before the “Offset” revolution in the Lithographic industry. The plant’s sawtooth roof construction, for north light was a first of its kind. The plant became a showplace, as well as a center for students and craftsmen of the lithographic processes. Electric DC generators installed to eliminate steam and hand presses. Charles B. Goes I and Charles Harris agree to develop and test what became the first successful powered rotary offset press (LTF).

Winona Lithographic Institute established Indianapolis, IN by Western Lithographer’s Association. Goes Litho and Gugler Litho of Milwaukee, WI served on development committee.

Adams St. becomes the financial district as printers move to Printers Row District on Plymouth Court. Chicago Title and Trust to build onsite of Rand McNally building.

1905 -1906Olympics to be held in Athens, Greece. Goes prints local tryout posters for display in trolly, train, and elevated cars throughout Midwest. Tryouts to be held at Grant Park Chicago. In 1906 Athens, 20 Countries participated with 887 Athletes. 2009 Charles Goes IV meets with 2016 Olympic committee for similar advertising work. Plant located 6 blocks from proposed 2016 site.

1906 -The 4th modern Harris Offset Press using zinc plates, was retained in the Goes plant opening the modern era of offset lithography. This was a sister press to one that, on its 60th Anniversary, in 1966 was accepted by the regents of the Smithsonian Institution and displayed there courtesy of the Harris Press Company – Cleveland, OH.

Some texts which mention GOES LITHOGRAPHING COMPANY and demonstrates its products:

1906 Winona Lithographic Institute publishes text Stone Lithography contributors were Goes Litho, Gugler Litho and early Lithographers.

American Text Book of Lithography by G. K. Henderson published by Levey Bros. Co. Indianapolis, IN.

CB Goes and Adolph Gugler of Milwaukee are 2 of 3 elected corporate trustees who oversee the formation of Winona Lithographic Institute in Indianapolis, IN. Institute becomes part of State University in late 1920’s.

1907 – Goes expands the line of Lithographed Blanks, including Stock Certificates, Bond and Charter Forms. These lines were designed and created specifically for sale through the printer on private security water marked papers.

1909 -Became a member of present Promotional Products Association International PPAI. Copyright and trademark protections strengthened by US Congress – All Goes forms are copyrighted.

1911-1912CB Goes Jr. attends Winona Lithographic Institute, graduates and enters family business as 2nd generation.

1913Corporation Record Books developed for Attorneys.
Goes produced its first series of Art Blotters. This was to lead to a prominent position as a supplier of advertising materials to the present day.

1918 -Goes discontinues steam electrical DC cogeneration for process work hooks up with Edison as power became cheap and available in Chicago.

1920 -The creation and production of Goes Holiday Letterheads signaled another innovation of service to the printers, stationers, and lettershops promoting direct mail advertising as a personal solution to expensive newspaper and bill posting. Now listed as Special Occasion Images.

1921 -Became a member of the present National Office Products Association (NOPA).

1922 -Goes introduced a line of Greeting Cards designed as Club and French Folders. Blotters added as an Ad Specialty to be sold by local printers as a year long monthly promotion with image and ad copy changes. Similar to E-Blasts used today and variable content.

1923 – Goes’ first Calendar Advertising Specialty Trade Show exhibit was held in Des Moines, Iowa. It was at this convention that the Company introduced its first line of Complete Calendars as well as Lithographed Sheet Pictures as many calendar distributors began to manufacture their own papers. Goes offers printers access to this media.

1924Goes H-B Direct Process developed with Wm Huebner Co. of Buffalo, NY for production of assembled lithographic plates. Process replaced by electronic computer to plate process in 2000,at which time last 2 machines were removed.

Rocketline founded to supply a line of finished calendars to independent jobbers and local printers.

Goes Litho and Rand McNally with 6 other company’s found Lithographic Technical Foundation (LTF) for research and development of Lithography and relocate to Chicago 1946-1962 as Chicago becomes central to transportation after WWII. Illinois and Wisconsin are the largest regional producers of print today.

1925 -Purchased Henderson Line of Prints from dissolution of Stonebridge Litho, an early Cincinnati Lithographer.

1926-27 -Charles B. Goes Jr. son of founder elected president of ASNA, (PPAI) uses silent movies to instruct salesmen on Selling Techniques.

1926-28 -Three year championship held by employee baseball team – Chicago Industrial League. 1929 Chicago Park District bans hardball in favor of softball for park safety.

1928 -Produced display sheet advertising 24 sheet billboard posters through 1958. Goes Master Print line, a collection of fine art prints was made available to various markets. This established the Company as a primary source of Prints for framers and other manufacturers. These fine reproductions were actually lithographed in eight colors, this advanced lithography’s quality of perception that was to fore run the quality and craftsmanship that is common place today. Chicago Litho Club. Goes pressroom foreman Joe Peguese is Co-founder and first president of Chicago Lithographer’s Club a position held 1928-1930. Organization celebrates 80th anniversary 2008.

1929 -Enlarged the lines of Advertising Blotters for direct mail. Now they featured Glamour Girl Art, Scenic, Historical and Sport pictures, offering the advertiser a wide range of subjects, selling 5 million a year.

1932 -Shop working 3 days a week due to depression, maintenance being done to keep busy such as painting/renovations thru 1939.

1933 -In the midst of the Depression, Jigsaw Puzzle production aided the Goes plant in maintaining half pay scheduling. The ever growing list of Fine Art subjects augmented sales. Printed 5 World Fair Posters for 1933 Century of Progress. Art Goes now president of Goes Litho on Committee with John F. Cuneo as Chairman also a south side printer and book binder.

White Sox host 1st All Star game at Comiskey Park – Babe Ruth hits 2 run homer in 3rd inning. Neighbor Jack Schaller at game as a youth and currently operates Schaller’s Pump Restaurant near ball park as the oldest family owned Chicago restaurant (1886). Jack gives photos of event to 5th generation management and customers.

1933-1940 -Paid many employees in cash as Banks were not trusted. Continue to sell quality lithography at affordable prices through mail. Teachers paid in script using Goes Certificates common in small towns.

1934 -Master prints used to illustrate bridge tables and puzzles become a national past time due to depression and increase of stay at home entertainment. The downtown sales office and pick up point for local printers also closed. Deliveries are made by messenger via elevated and surface car lines from factory direct to Chicago Loop printers.

2004 “Jigsaw Puzzle” by Anne D. Williams confirms Goes Lithographing participation

Telephone, telegraph orders reduce walk in counter trade, parcel post and mail order begin to replace railroad express shipments due to trucks and good highways such as The Lincoln Highway being built coast to coast.

1936Corporation Record Books were completely revised and further augmented the Goes Corporation outfitting business.This formed a complete line of products for the stationer, service corporations, both large and small.

1936 “Artist and Naturalist in Ethiopia” by Louis Agassiz Fuertes and Wilfred Hudson Osgood – 1936 Published by Doubleday & Doran Co., Garden City, N.Y.

Features lithographs produced by GOES of Mr. Fuetes paintings of birds and animals in 10 colors. Sets of lithographs are still available for life membership subscribers to the Chicago Museum of Natural History (Field Museum). Reruns of lithographs are still made from the original plates.

1936-1941 -Installs 8 new Harris Presses, Goes is Harris’ showplace for demonstrations. Replaces most stone transfer presses.

1936-1960 -Election Blotters developed and sold through the Advertising Specialty Counselors, as well as the stationery stores for advertising and resale. Brought to the general public a world of information regarding current and past national elections patterns of all 48 states. Voting patterns indicated in blue and red colors as used today on TV.

1937 -Charles B. Goes III, president 1973-1996 works for paper mill and bindery and goes on road selling Goes Products in a 1938 three window Ford Coupe covers New England and Midwest to WWII. Third generation enters business, serves in Air Sea Rescue 4 years.

Walter Meyer a Teamster at age 50 makes last local REA delivery from 12th Street Station (ICRR) to Goes factory by wagon and Horse Team. Lived to be 101 and a neighbor to the family.

1939 -Prints Certificate for attending NYC Worlds Fair.

1940s -Print and assemble National Recovery Act (1930s) material including “Blue Eagle NRA Poster”, and war related instruction manuals.

1945 -Elected Life Member of the Lithographer’s Technical Foundation (LTF), present name, Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (GATF). Printing being done by old timers due to war and depression, 14 year old (1942) Ray comes in after school to wash up presses because men are too old or at war.
Ray retires 1995.

CBG III returns home from WWII settles in as in house account representative. Rebuilds staff with rehiring of Veterans, 17 of whom earned for employment 50 year watches.

1953 -New automatic English Soldan Bronzing machine purchased for Gold Certificates, attaches to press continues operation into the 21st century. – 2011

1954 -Third generation management takes over sons, cousins, nephews of Charles B. Goes founder. Security Lithographer’s Section of the Printing Industries of America, established. SalesmanCarl Vogel-estimator retires after 66 years with company longest serving employee.

1962 – Charles B. Goes IV age 14 works spring break at shop, at shop most vacations. Receives 50 year service pin in 2012.

1965Art Institute School of Chicago accepts stones for new lithographic art print school receives tips from our old timers. Museum of Science and Industry redonates the Goes Hand Stone Press to Art Institute from their “Streets of Yesteryear” Exhibit.

1968 – Central city areas all over country experience civil unrest due to war and assassinations of Dr. ML King and RF Kennedy. Industry flight becomes apparent. Goes continues to invest in community, its residents and defeats extortion plot with FBI. Capturing and winning convictions for 2 persons.
– Goes industry development contributions confirmed by Lithographers Manual weighing 5lbs.

First electronic machinery purchased to control color and paper counting. Print 68 moved to Amphitheatre due to McCormick Place fire in October. This is first international show in Chicago and US, jammed for space, Goes reduces booth size to 10×10 on request.

“The Lithographers Manual” by Charles Shapiro – 1968 Published by Graphic Arts Technical Foundation, Pittsburgh, PA. Now Printing Industry of America.

Describes the early history of GOES’ founders involvement in the development and testing of the first 3 successful “offset” lithographic presses with Charles Harris, founder of Harris Press Co., Cleveland, OH.

1970 -Fourth generation starts full time work – Charles B. Goes IV upon graduation from Rochester Institute of Technology – Rochester, NY.

1972 -Rochester Institute of Technology sent two professors to record last photographic use of wet plate photography. Process similar to that used by Matthew Brady, Webb Garrison famous civil war photographers who documented battlefields and troops of both sides. Public’s first view of local devastation of war. Technique was unique basis for color correction procedures used in 20th century electronic scanners.

1973 -New Harris presses installed replacing 1940 models. Kodak direct screen method of color separation implemented replaces glass halftone screen. First interns hired through Chicago Public School Industrial Arts Program continues to 21st Century – 2010.

1974 -Large DC current Stone Lithographic presses donated to Rochester Institute of Technology and University of Wisconsin – Stout Campus. Goes retains one hand press, master printer Einar Carlson honored as last surviving employee familiar with process – hired 1917, retires 1982.

1975 -Goes continues to produce the most complete line of Jumbo Hanger Wall Calendars using photographic scenes as art prints wane in popularity.

1977 -Electronic typesetting (AM Varityper installed) to produce calendar pad art. The first of 3 generations of such equipment we will buy before desktop.– 1991

1978 -The new Photochrome Art Line is added to the True Color/Master Fine Art subjects for framers and advertisers. Photographic Art exceeds graphic art in popularity on calendars not to return until digital age begins in 2002 when 8 & 9 colors can be reproduced in a 6 point color software gamut. Develops to canvas print banners by 2006.

1979A CENTURY OF GROWTH THROUGH SERVICE TO THE GRAPHIC ARTS INDUSTRY. We honor and thank the local printers and distributors for their selection of our products by direct mail and trade shows throughout the country.

1983 -First data computer MV4000 purchased to maintain financial and sales information and customer lists. Data General Co. serves Goes through 2009 with MV5600 (1992), Avion (2000).

1984 -Charles B. Goes IV, and family become owners of Company after buy out of 78 stock holders many of whom were former employees whose families held stock 85 years as a memento of their own history.

1986 – Chicago Bears win Superbowl ™.

1988 – Last 50 year service watch given to Charles B. Goes III. Service reduced to 40 years for watch award in future due to retirement opportunities.

1989 – ATT Merlin Telephone system replaces ATT Mechanical Switchboard after 68 years service by Illinois Legislative Action covering 3 units in the state of Illinois ending perpetual maintenance agreement signed in 1926.
First Fax machine purchased.

1991 – First desktop publishing computer installed to plot layouts and assemble images. – Apple Macintosh

1992 – 100th year anniversary of printing I892 World’s Fair Poster, all paper cutters computerized.

1994 – Networked universal connection between 2 coasts with Chicago central processor for invoices.

1997 – Charles B. “Chris” Goes IV elected 7th president of Goes Lithographing Company.

1997 – 70th anniversary of PPAI show at which Charles B. Goes Jr. was president, the 1926 show had 25 exhibitors, 1997 show had 1300 displays. Calendars represent 10% of this market but have grown  1000% since 1927. First digital imprinter installed for Ad Specialty work.

–American Auto stock certificates by L. Falater shows dozens of Goes brand certificates were used by 100+ manufacturers.

American Automotive Stock Certificates – “A Collectors Guide with Values” by Lawrence Falater – 1997. Published by B N R Press, Port Clinton, OH.

A listing of early automobile manufacturers, dozens of which used GOES stock forms as shareholder cer- tificates and subscription devices. Examples of each certificate are reproduced in duotone grays with GOES’ permission for identification purposes only.

www.goeslitho.com and www.rocketlinecal.com established as product information sites.

1998 – Illinois Great Printer Award issued by Govenor Jim Edgar and PIA for Enviromental Compliance and Reduction of Waste. Presented with photo op at Navy Pier at the Printing Industry of Illinois Annual Meeting

1999 -Digital CTP press plates begin to replace photo chemical process.

2000 -NO Y2K computer crash experienced due to change of millenium.
–First digital print device installed to imprint calendars. www.rocketline.com established with SBC.

2001 – 9 -11 shuts down Print 01’ trade show in Chicago, Goes cancels all shows through 2003. Attendance at shows drop 75%, never recovers. Internet sales begin to climb – world wide web becomes new source of advertising and education source.

2002 -25th & last 40 year service watch given to Mike our Media and Digital Print Foreman.
24×36 scanner installed to convert glass negatives large color prints and archive papers to digital filesfor future, and electronic reference storage.

2003 -Goes continues to occupy building founder built in 1904 and expanded in 1920, 1927, 1952, 2003.
125 years of continuous family owned and operated service to the trade. 15,000 sq. feet devoted to digital work.
www.goesproducts.com developed as an order online website.

The Jigsaw Puzzle “Piecing Together a History” by Anne D Williams – 2004. Published by Berkeley Books, New York, NY

GOES supplied samples and reference material to the author and is mentioned throughout the text as a publisher and supplier to the trade which manufactured puzzles and hand fans. GOES is the last surviving publisher of this material.

2005 -Interns from Kennedy-King College represent 32 years of continuous work experience for emerging technical trades once looked on as a craft. Eric L. Goes 5th Generation enters company from Northern Illinois University – DeKalb, IL as Marketing Director.
White Sox win World Series. All past Goes employee baseball team photos and trophies are assembled and put on permanent display.

2006 -Large format print machinery and computer installed to print jumbo calenders. 2nd Bronzing machine added to press room.
Redesigned all web sites – interactive chat lines

2007 -Email advertising begun with bounce back opportunity to cross sell products. Goes submits poster selection to Mayor Daley’s 2016 Olympic committee for consideration.
CB Goes IV current president outlines move to web based software company which continues to offer printed shelf products as well as fulfillment of customer designed products using our proprietary based designs.
Embossing, Gold Foil, items added by his wife Linda L. Goes, who has worked part time since 1977 while raising their family.
Century of Progress 1932 World Fair Posters featured on cover of American Printer in conjunction with Chicago’s bid for Olympics. Goes was featured in article as a printer for trade making the changes necessary for continuing service to its customers.

2007 -Goes Lithographing partnership honored at new Kennedy-King City College campus which is 1 mile from factory. Chris Goes accepts for all Goes staff from Dean James Warren College of Science.
Nels A. Goes, son of Charles & Linda Goes enters company after completing summers of intern work.

2007-2008 -Implemented voice over Internet (VOIP) phone service to work with a new business server platform because Data General Co. drops service support in 2009. This ends 25 years association with reliable supplier. Customer Service account info will be available 24/7 to those with a pin # support in 2009.

2008 – Goes Book Jacket show poster by Goes for Century of Progress Worlds Fair by Cheryl Ganz.

“The 1933 Chicago World’s Fair” by Cheryl Ganz – 2008 & Second edition 2013 Published by University of Illinois Press, Urbana and Chicago, IL

Features images of various posters published by GOES for the Fair and furnished in electronic formate for publication. Book jacket displays the most famous poster displayed throughout the U.S.A. promoting Fair attendance. 5 posters are currently sold on GOES website.

2008 -Goes Lithographing included on Centennial Memorial plaque in lobby of St. Bernard’s Hospital as a continuous patron and neighbor for 104 years. St. Bernard’s is located 4 blocks from factory and has also occupied their original building since 1904 while expanding campus to cover 2 city blocks.

2009 – Goes Lithographing honored by Washington Park Olympic Committee Chairman C. Brown for poster submissions and community support commemorative Awards to the Improvement Commission at The Washington Park Natatorium Annual Meeting.
Charles B. Goes V eldest son of Charles & Linda Goes rejoins the company as account manager after seven year service career in Big Sky, Montana.
PPAI award for 100 years continuous membership
Eric L. Goes elected Vice President by shareholders.
Nels A. Goes youngest son developed interest in video conferencing and advanced communication tools for sales staff. All Business is Personal”, “Quality without a Compromise”.
Shareholders at annual meeting reconfirm companies motto and creed statement. Next generation committed to development of products and customer service techniques using new electronic tools while retaining an individual concern for customer and environment.

2009 -February – Kodak Electronic Nex-press 2500 purchased.

2009 -March – Kodak tests vibration to 2nd floor concrete addition of 1927, finds Metra Commuter & Frieght Trains and Intermodal rail yard generates vibrations that would cause press to require double maintenance charges and possible increased repairs.

2009 – April – Shareholders realise current site is not able to support new technology.

2009 – May – Many Goes staff members have had their spouses, children, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends employed by the Goes Co. through out the years, making it a real family atmosphere.

– Chris Goes announces Relocation to Walworth County, WI offers jobs to all who wish to move. Start to pack up plant and down size staff due to depression that began in 2008 and no relief in sight.

2009 – September – Building purchased in Delavan WI. Renovation begins

2010 – July – Data General and office staff closes in Chicago, all shipping and billing begins in Delavan WI.

2011 – September – Family relocates to homes in Town of Delavan close to plant.

2011 – November – Last bronzed certificate printed in Chicago. Some large presses and cutters sold and shipped to Viet -Nam.

2012 – October – Chicago plant sold to Norfolk & Southern Railroad. Building sold by management on internet no brokers used.

2013 – February – Chicago Goes signs (1935 porcellin antiques) removed and refurbished prior to plant tear down. Chicago plant torn down and lot is cleared for truck Intermodal depot with plans for 86 acre depot development.

2013 – JulyWilliam Carter Goes, Eric Goes son, turns one year old. Represents 6th generation of future Goes family involvement

2013 – August – Goes signs installed at Delavan WI plant.
2013 – October – Original 1904 wooden stone racks removed from Chicago vault re-installed to hold600 lithographic stones representing commercial and engraved art works made between 1879 -1944. This Bavarian limestone collection is believed to be the largest collection remaining with the original manufacturing owners. Sizes & weights range from 24×36 in. @ 90 lbs. to 5×5 in. @ 3 lbs…

2014 Digital Sheet and Large Format production out paces Lithographic outsourcing. Shorter runs and customization of factory designs are ordered increasingly, as Factory Customs. Customer acceptance of variable data imaging and colorized logos printed & numbered direct-on to Certificates increases profitability of printers who distribute GOES PRODUCTS. All data is uploaded to HYPERLINK “http://www.printitfor.me” www.printitfor.me , proofed electronically and assembled for delivery to dealer printer.

2015 – JanuaryLeona Gail Goes born to Eric L. Goes represents 2nd member of 6th generation of printers. Charlie & Nels brothers, continue work at GLCo.

2015 – AugustAcquired a vellum sheet representing an embellished U.S. Constitution in 9 colors, an offset lithographic print 30×40 in. Commissioned by Attwood Studio of Chicago, GOES was retained to illuminate the sheet with a gold-bronze Applica for resale during the 1932 Chicago World’s Fair- Century of Progress. Current owner of a few remaining antique sheets continues his Fathers goal to place one, each framed beautifully, within each courthouse in Iowa and surrounding states for the frame only price. The original by Leoni hangs in the Library of Congress.

2015 – October “Selling Helps” our descriptive Letterpress trade name retired in the late 70’s, is rolled out to promote our 80 offerings of a group of small inexpensive items small shops may imprint using their Letterpress machinery and typesetting skill. Letterpress is now recognized as a worldwide print process achieving art status & represented by 6 world organizations.

2015 – December Anniversary…65 years GOES has sent a small food gift to our largest volume customers. Since 2010 Wisconsin cheeses have arrived a few days prior to Christmas to decorate office or home buffet.



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