Goes Lithographing – February 2014


2014 Greetings for the New Year to our Customers and Friends.

Thank You for your patronage this past 2013 – an eventful and busy year full of change and progress for GOES Lithographing Co. and our customers.

Speaking for all of our customer service staff, I wish we could meet and express our personal appreciation for the use of our products during the past year.

We have installed a test system of SKYPE during the past year and will look into this as an addition to our services for 2014.
Perhaps we can have a planned face to face at this time next year after the RUSH of the Holiday Season deliveries.

GOES has relocated to Delavan, Wisconsin as of July 2010 and born in July of 2012, William Carter Goes will represent the GOES family as the 6th generation being introduced to the business by his father & GOES LITHOGRAPHING Vice-President Eric L. Goes.


With the recent launch of our new goesproducts.com e-commerce website, customers will have access to GOES EXTREEEM® Print Services.

These services are primarily electronic imprints of Logos in color, Signatures blue or black, numbering-red or black, placement of individual-variable names on each award, certificate or diplomas.

Binding or assembly to a variety of presentation folders will keep your certificates together for an organized presentation.

GOES uses a combination of offset lithography, toner and inkjet imprinting services which personalize your designs, to produce a complete custom certificate designed through you, by your retail customers.

What else might you sell at this time of year to boost sales?

With the new year current year 2014, calendars still may be sold beginning with January for a 1/12th discount for each month’s expiration beginning February ending June 2014.

Calendars – Any Month Start
A split year -calendar pad continuing for 12 months into 2015 may be ordered anytime of the year! So don’t just think of calendars as just a December / January promotional item


The least costly and most sustainable way for business to reach buyers by gifting to & the placement of contact information in the home or at work using the calendar as a handy reference tool.Special Occasion StationeryAlso will be a new addition to our web site in 2014. Traditional purchase of stationery and cards & envelopes will be maintained. New for 2014 will be the sale of theme Goes Extreeem®
-Art designs for trade use.Restoration of antique small and large images using high dpi electronic scanner and the re-imaging of these antiques to heavy 7 point paper or canvas on stretcher frame is a growing service, since our move to Wisconsin in 2010.

Local fire departments, associations, chambers, banks and business wish to enlarge images for wall display to promote their connection within a community.

GOES will scan at 2540+ dpi, color correct & enhance the
facial & shadow laden images of the content.

An opportunity to promote local history is interesting to everyone and will return additional inquiries to recognize your shop as a local source for new ideas and methods of display.Sometimes insignias worn on a lapel or signage becomes visible helping to fix the subjects identity or location.And now with the closing of this note and the old year past, again we at GOES wish All the Best the New Year can hold for our Customers & Friends.
Thank you and may God Bless you with a Happy and Healthy New Year.Goes Lithographing Co. – Staff & Family

Chris Goes President


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