Goes Lithographing Co. – Our Customers Matter !

At Goes Lithographing, we love hearing from our customers!

We recently received the following note from a long-time customer in response to our Spring Newsletter.


Thanks so much for your newsy Spring Letter. And a welcome to the 6th generation of the Goes Family.

My store, Stamp your Heart Out , has been a longtime customer and in February I closed the shop and retired after 35 years in retail and 25 years as Stamp Your Heart Out. I wish you could have seen the dozens of creative calendar uses we designed using your small calendars. And just looking back at our orders you can see that we addicted our customers to your very popular calendars as well.

BTW–I hope you saved a box of your old invoices. I loved receiving your fabulous handwritten letterhead/ invoices .

I grew up outside of Chicago,in Joliet, and the Midwest is the best ! I have also visited your new town. Were you familiar with the Bunte Candy Company in Chicago? Not related, but have a large collection of Bunte candy stuff!

Have a super successful 2014 and looking forward to hearing from you.

Joan Bunte


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