GOES LITHO has purchased many businesses of similar lines and merged their products and customer list into our now 134 year young business model.

GOES has also purchased several distributors of our products when the time came to close, downsize or retire. Goes does not want to lose the goodwill and local business sales built up for our products by these usually small local family companies. GOES wishes to maintain your customer’s source of supply in a way complimentary to your methods, and as a financial benefit to you.

Perhaps only the GOES list of customer accounts would be of interest to us and other accounts using noncompetitive products may better be sold for similar value elsewhere. If we are included, we will honestly fulfill your trust.

Please consider GOES LITHO as an opportunity to take on this business if the time comes. As a family business, WE understand the care and history that went into your business. To serve your customers from Delavan WI is ever more easily done as you would locally & personally do – electronic means and the option of SKYPE Vision on the monitor can bring face to face communication anywhere.

Refer in Confidence to; Charles B. Goes IV

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